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Nevada City Solar Systems in Nevada County

GP Electric provides a wide range of electrical services for commercial and residential properties.

  • Analysis of your monthly utility bill electric usage
  • Analysis of your type of electric usage – AC, well pump, pool/spa pumps, etc
  • On-site analysis of sun and shade exposure (Solmetric Sun Eye Technology)
  • Best option for solar installation: roof mount or ground mount
  • Short term and long term benefits of installing solar.
  • Customers can determine if they want their solar system to reduce their electric bill from 30% to 100%. We provide suggestions to reduce your power consumption in addition to installing solar.

    GP Electric uses reliable time-tested photovoltaic panels and inverters. Photovoltaic panels typically come with 25 year warranties. We are affiliated with reputable vendors and stand behind the product we sell and the installation. Gary Price of GP Electric participates in ongoing education in the solar field in order to bring the latest technology to our customers.

    Why should you consider solar energy? What are the long-term benefits of producing your own electricity?

    • Solar panels installed in the 1950's are still producing energy today at 75%. Even though your solar panels will come with a 25 year warranty, you can expect them to produce energy for more than 25 years.
    • Your solar system reduces the need for coal or oil to be burned to create energy so less CO2 is produced and released into the air. Your carbon footprint is reduced by eliminating air pollution.
    • Your solar system increases your property value simply by providing tangible energy savings.
    • The IRS gives a one-time 30% federal tax credit on residential installations.

    If you are interested in discussing what a solar system can do for your residence or business, please call Gary Price at GP Electric or contact us to set up an appointment.