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Nevada City Generators in Nevada County

GP Electric installs generators & transfer switches after determining your energy needs when power is not available. We live in a county where heavy wind or snowfall are common and can result in power loss for as many as 3-7 days. Generators are designed to turn on manually or they can be automatic. A generator may run on propane or natural gas and can be automatically set up to come on when power is no longer servicing your home or office. When power is restored your generator shuts off automatically as well.

You decide what appliances or systems you want to operate during a power outage. Typically at a residence you'll want your refrigerator, water heater, television and heater to operate. At a business you may want emergency lighting, telephones and your PC to operate.

GP Electric has access to any brand of generators (Generac, Briggs & Stratton and any others) and transfer switches that would best fit your project.

Manual Generator Systems

A manual generator system and manual transfer switch is set up using a portable generator. Depending on your home or business needs and your budget we can provide power for a few critical or multiple circuits.

Automatic Generator Systems:

An automatic generator system and automatic transfer switch are set up on a permanent basis (like an HVAC unit) and begins to operate as soon as the system detects a power failure from your utility provider. As soon as power is restored by your utility provider, the generator system automatically shuts down. Propane or natural gas can be used to power the automatic generator so you'll want to select your outdoor site with access to the fuel source in mind.

If you are interested in discussing what a manual or automatic generator can do for your residence or business, please call Gary Price at GP Electric or contact us to set up an appointment. (530) 265-9632